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September 1st 2021

  • Added Advanced Bots that are significantly stronger than regular Bots
  • Fixed issue where players would remain in matchmaking after disconnecting
  • Make user login case insensitive (e.g. Treat user the same as USER)

July 19th 2021

  • Added an option to disable tile highlighting on hover in custom games
  • Fixed in-game overlapping bug
  • Fixed a bug where the server would crash in very rare scenarios

July 1st 2021

  • Fixed profile page in Safari
  • Discord bot now displays number of users in matchmaking queue
  • Improved mobile visual experience

June 5th 2021

  • Option to play against bots while waiting in matchmaking
  • Added bot to ping community discord to find players for your game
  • Improved landscape mobile support across entire website
  • Added ready check for matchmaking
  • In-game support for double click to discard instead of drag-and-drop
  • Show lifetime points in profile
  • Fixed miscellaneous scoring bugs

Apr 12th 2021

  • Larger in-game action buttons
  • Reordered in-game side-panel elements
  • Various quality of life improvements and scoring fixes

Mar 27th 2021

  • Guest players can now register their account and save their played matches
  • Redesigned landing and home pages
  • Users can now register using Facebook and Google
  • Added Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Mar 23rd 2021

  • Reduced delay between discards in all non-bot games.
  • Discard piles are now arranged in rows of 6.
  • Changed interface for editing custom game settings.

Mar 12th 2021

  • Minimum points required to win can now be set in custom matches.
  • Improved player score breakdown at the end of rounds.
  • Improved in-game sounds.
  • Global chat is now persistent when you refresh the page.
  • Unranked matchmade games now have a four round limit.
  • Better match history color coding.
  • Fixed knitted straight scoring rule score.
  • Fixed scores appearing with wrong players due to seat rotation.

Mar 6th 2021

  • Decreased the turn action delay when playing against bot for faster games.
  • Fixed scoring rules related to Kongs and updated Scoring Rules page.
  • Began to track lifetime points on the leaderboards.

Mar 2nd 2021

  • Added hand auto-sorting. The last drawn tile is now added in sorted position if your hand is otherwise sorted.
  • Updated the navbar to have a guides dropdown.
  • Added sound dropdown with volume slider and voice line toggle.
  • Fixed an issue where the last drawn tile was not displaying correctly.

Feb 26th 2021

  • Made in-game tiles larger.
  • Moved action buttons above the hand to the right.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash on your turn.